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***Updated DEC 2013***


Honestly one of the most extensive shoots I have ever done.  Getting to the secret location to meet up with Armand, I think we started shooting around 7PM.  Planned out each motion shot out to actually feature himself as well into a mini story.  Had originally planned a multiday shoot for multi locations but had decided to stick with a single location sufficed enough into an epic turnout of the final video product as you see before you.  Having spent about 5 hours in that structure, I learned many things about Armand’s car history on the beginning stages of white to what is now the “Red Devil”.  Every bit of the car has a story behind it especially the wing how it is a custom 1-off from a Corolla but had been chopped and redone to fit his MR-2 but then broken by someone leaning on it.  Armand explained to me that there was no point in fixing something for so much money to have it broken again.  All in all, it is just something to live with and it shows that he truly daily drives his car and it’s not just a showboat.  I had the pleasure to learn more and more about not just the car but about Armand but I’ll leave that to others to meet him in person to know how down to earth he is.

Thank you again Armand for the opportunity for letting me shoot your car.



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  1. A beast of a car, and the rims are awesome :).

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