Formula D Streets of Long Beach 2012

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Tjin Edition | Ford Mustang 5.0 & Chevy Cruze

Now hitting 2012 with brand new features and shows coming up.  Time to start off with not 1 but 2 videos featuring the Tjin Edition Mustang and Cruze.  These two vehicles will be on a nation-wide tour showcasing their form and function. These videos will be along side with each […]


2011 Showreel

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Autocon 2011

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Marie Alvarez // Lexus IS350 // SSR

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1013MM Meet 2011

Newest video I had taken at the 1013MM meet for John Zhang’s Birthday.  Perfect lighting in the structure however it is basically a Sauna. Out for a last minute meet for host John Zhang (1013MM) for his birthday. Full lot of cars. Lots of fun. Shout out to our friends […]