Probably one of the most interesting edits as this was a lot of experimenting with shooting and editing. We drove up in my Z a little before midnight and went straight to the show for roll in. Some of my gear was not operating correctly as my gimbal was still handicapped since my incident at Anime Expo. I gave up on using my gimbal as it was extremely difficult to get smooth shots so then I switched to a small “glidecam”. Some of this video was shot in 1080p 24fps and some in 720p 60fps. Editing is also an issue learning that it’s not easy using multiple formats as well as exporting. Also definitely learned it is tough to shoot a show on 1 hour of sleep. Definitely was a challenge. Haha. Anyways, here is a short glimpse of Spocom San Jose 2015.

Soundtrack: Synchrotron – Open the Sky

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