For being the 2nd Toyotafest I have ever been to, it was more packed than it was in 2012. Very overwhelmed with the turnout as I showed up later than expected and started coverage late. Overall, it was a great show but a bit too blended where it was difficult […]

    My buddy Paul aka AirforceGTR hit me to tag along and film with SoCal GT-R attempting to break the record again with the most GTR’s in one location. We first stopped at Cars and Coffee in Irvine, CA for the crowds to check out the cars and then […]

A quick glimpse of the 1st show of the season for 2013. Website Facebook Team Ar-Kan End Credits Photo Provided By Soundtrack: Vicetone — Stars feat. Jonny Rose

Photos by Andrew Kuntjoro Video by Mikey Dang, Paris Mataiumu, and Michael Avila Video Edit by Mikey Dang Words by Mikey Dang AX2013. My first anime convention ever. It was in talks about possibly attending for months and then I had given in about a month prior to the event […]

This was a day trip that was last minute but the DaYUUM crew was heading down that way and I last minute was invited and decided to shoot.  I have never gone to an Autofashion meet before but heard good things about the meet from the past.  As we arrived, […]


Bike Night at Orchid Lounge [Feb. 28, 2013] | PHOTO M.D.

I have been to Orchid lounge a few times prior to this event and each to it’s own crowd but always packed nonetheless.  This time, however was incredibly overwhelming then the times before as we first arrived with all out equipment with very little attendance at the beginning.  Little did […]


A Look Into 2013 | PHOTO M.D.

The 1st two months of 2013 and I had project after project as well as the Spring semester starting.  Many companies and sponsors jumped on board prior to the show season.  During that time period of contracts and readjusting to different hours, I still had time to shoot some events […]

The wedding that RJ’s Latte Photography and I shot in January. The groom being a JDM gearhead wanted to REfeature his R34 Skyline as the intro into the ceremony and other festivities. Website: Facebook: Songs: Alicia Keys – As I Am (Intro) Andy Mckee – Nakagawa-san Pachabel’s Canon in […]